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Graduate Students

Sewook Lee (이세욱)


Master course: Graguated (2021.02)


Office: Engineering Center 501


Publications at Park's group


Journal articles

  2.  B. Jo, H. Park, E. Kamaraj, S. Lee, B. Jung, S. Somasundaram, G. G. Jeon, K.-T. Lee, N. Kim, J. H. Kim, B.-G. Kim, T. K. Ahn,* S. Park,*
       H. J. Park*​

       Synergistic Effect of Excited State Property and Aggregation Characteristic of Organic Semiconductor on Efficient Hole-Transportation in

       Perovskite Device

       Advanced Functional Materials, DOI:10.1002/adfm.202007180 (2020)

  1.  S. Lee, J. Lee, H. Park, J. Choi, S. Park*, H. J. Park*

       Defect-Passivating Organic/inorganic Bicomponent Hole-Transport Layer for High Efficiency Metal Halide Perovskite Device

       ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 12, 40310 (2020)


  2.  S. Lee, J. Lee, H. Park, S. Park, H. J. Park

       Functionalized Hybrid Hole Transport Layer for Defect-Passivated Perovskite Solar Cell

       30th International Photovoltaic Science and Engineering Conference (PVSEC-30) & Global Photovoltaic Conference 2020 (GPVC 2020),

       Jeju, Korea, Nov. (2020)

  1.  S. Lee, J. Lee, S. Park, H. J. Park

       High Efficiency Perovskite Solar Cell with a Defect-Passivating Organic Hole-Transport Material 

       The Polymer Society of Korea, Daejeon, Korea, Oct. (2020)

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