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(* Corresponding author)



92.  H. Park, B. H. jeong, J. Heo, S. Lee, K.-T. Lee* S. Park,* H. J. Park*

       Defect-healing organic hole transport material with enhanced excited state property for high performance and stable perovskite solar cells



91.  I. Jung, H. Kim, D. Kim, H. Kwak, H. Wang, M. S. Kim, L. J. Guo, H. J. Park*, J. G. Ok*, K.-T. Lee*

       Transmissive Structural Colors with High Brightness and High Purity Exploiting Higher-Order Resonances in Dual Cavities



90.  D. Biswas, J. Heo, P. Sang, P. Dey, K. Han, J. H. Ko, S. M. Won, D. Son, M. Suh, H. S. Kim, J. G. Ok, H. J. Park*, H. W. Baac*

       All-Optical-Ultrasound-Based Spectral Sensing Technique for Non-Contact Microscale Assessment of Early-Stage Clot Formation and Whole Blood Coagulation

       ACS Sensors, in revision        


89.  D. Kim, H. Kim, I. Jung, T. Y. Kim, H. Kwak, J. H. Jung, C. K. Hwangbo*, H. J. Park*, K.-T. Lee*

       Manipulation of resonance orders and absorbing materials for structural colors in transmission with improved color purity

       Optics Express, 30, 10217 (2022.03.28)


88.  J. Heo, I. Jung, H. Park, J. H. Han, H. Kim, H. Park, J.-S. Park, H. Jeon,* K.-T. Lee,* H. J. Park*

       Highly Efficient Bifacial Color-Tunable Perovskite Solar Cells

       Advanced Optical Materials, 10, 2101696 (2022.01.18)


87.  H. Park, H. Kye, B. H. Jeong, J. Heo, S. Hwang, B.-G. Kim*, H. J. Park*

       Enhanced Interfacial Characteristics of Perovskite Solar Cell with Multi-Functional Polymeric Hole-Selective Interlayer

       Dyes and Pigments, 197, 109837 (2022.01.01)          



79.  B. Jo, H. Park, E. Kamaraj, S. Lee, B. Jung, S. Somasundaram, G. G. Jeon, K.-T. Lee, N. Kim, J. H. Kim, B.-G. Kim, T. K. Ahn,* S. Park,* H. J. Park*

       Synergistic Effect of Excited State Property and Aggregation Characteristic of Organic Semiconductor on Efficient Hole-Transportation in Perovskite Device

       Advanced Functional Materials, 31, 2007180 (2021.01.27)

       : Featured as Cover Image of Journal

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