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Graduate Students

Song Ah Ok (옥송​아)

Master course: Graduated (2019.02)


Present: Samsung Electronics

Publications at Park's group


Journal articles

  3.  Z. Li, T. H. Kim, S. Y. Han, Y.-J. Yun, S. Jeong, B. Jo, S. A. Ok, W. Yim, S. H. Lee, K. Kim, S. Moon, J.-Y. Park, T. K. Ahn, H. Shin, J. Lee,*
       H. J. Park*

       Wide-Bandgap Perovskite/Gallium Arsenide Tandem Solar Cells

       Advanced Energy Materials, 10, 201903085 (2020)

  2.  S. A. Ok, B. H. Jo,† S. Somasundaram,† H. J. Woo, D. W. Lee, Z. Li, B.-G. Kim, J. H. Kim, Y. J. Song, T. K. Ahn, S. Park*,  H. J. Park* 
       (†denoted co-first authors)

       Management of Transition Dipoles in Organic Hole-Transporting Materials under Solar Irradiation for Perovskite Solar Cells

       Nature Communications, 9, 4537 (2018)

  1.  K.-T. Lee,† J.-Y. Jang,† S. J. Park, S. A. Ok, H. J. Park* (†denoted co-first authors)

       Incident-Angle-Controlled Semitransparent Colored Perovskite Solar Cells with Improved Efficiency Exploiting a Multilayer Dielectric Mirror 

       Nanoscale, 9, 13983 (2017)


  5.  S. A. Ok, J.-Y. Jang, S. J. Park, K.-T. Lee, H. J. Park "Semitransparent Colorful Perovskite Solar Cell Integrated with Multilayer Dielectric
       Mirror" Advances in Functional Materials, Nanjing, China, Aug. (2018).

  4.  U. Kwon, W. Yin, S. A Ok, T. K. Ahn, H. J. Park "Two-Step Solution Process-Based Pure Perovskite Film Formation for High Performance
 Cell" The 25th Korean Conference on Semiconductors, Kangwon, Korea, Feb. (2018)

  3.  S. A. Ok, K.-T. Lee, J.-Y. Jang, S. J. Park, H. J. Park "Semitransparent Iridescent Colored Perovskite Solar Cell with Multilayer Dielectric
nano-IMP, Seoul, Korea, Feb. (2018)

       : Best Poster Award

  2.  S. A. Ok, K.-T. Lee, J.-Y. Jang, S. J. Park, H. J. Park "Multilayer Dielectric Mirror-Integrated Efficient Semitransparent Iridescent Colored
       Perovskite Solar Cells" NNT 2017, Changwon, Korea, Nov. (2017)

       : Best Poster Award

  1.  S.-A. Ok, K.-T. Lee, J.-Y. Jang, J. Zhang, S.-M. Yang, H. J. Park "High Performance Colorful Perovskite Solar Cells Integrated with
 Patterned Plasmonic Nanocavity" Advanced Lasers and Their Applications (ALTA), Jeju, Korea, May (2017)


  1.  H. J. Park, S. A. Ok, B. Jo “Photoelectronic Device” 

       Korea: 10-2019-0023655 (Application: 2019.02.28).

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