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Graduate Students

Seung Hu Lee (이승후)

Master course: Graduated (2019.08)


Publications at Park's group


Journal articles

  3.  Z. Li, T. H. Kim, S. Y. Han, Y.-J. Yun, S. Jeong, B. Jo, S. A. Ok, W. Yim, S. H. Lee, K. Kim, S. Moon, J.-Y. Park, T. K. Ahn, H. Shin, J. Lee,*
       H. J. Park*

       Wide-Bandgap Perovskite/Gallium Arsenide Tandem Solar Cells

       Advanced Energy Materials, 10, 201903085 (2020)

  2.  D. K. Oh,† S. Lee,† S. H. Lee, W. Lee, G. Yeon, N. Lee, K.-S. Han, S. Jung, D. H. Kim, D.-Y. Lee, S. H. Lee, H. J. Park,* J. G. Ok*

       (†denoted co-first authors)

       Tailored nanopatterning by controlled continuous nanoinscribing with tunable shape, depth, and dimension

       ACS Nano, 13, 11194 (2019.10.22)

  1.  D. Vikraman, S. Hussain, K. Akbar, K. Adaikalam, S. H. Lee, S.-H. Chun, J. Jung, H.-S. Kim, H. J. Park

       Facile Synthesis of Molybdenum Diselenide Layers for High-Performance Hydrogen Evolution Electrocatalyst

       ACS Omega, 3, 5799 (2018)


  2.  S. H. Lee, H. J. Park, K.-T. Lee "Microcavity-Integrated Wire-Grid Polarizers with Low Reflections" Advances in Functional Materials,
       Nanjing, China, Aug. (2018).

  1.  D. Vikraman, K. Akbar, S. Hussain, S. H. Lee, S.-H. Chun, J. Jung, H. J. Park "Layer Thickness Tunable Solution-Based Growth
       Process of MoS
2 for Efficient Hydrogen Evolution Reaction" The 25th Korean Conference on Semiconductors, Kangwon, Korea, Feb.

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