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Ph.D. Student

​이 종 민  Jongmin Lee


Combined Master-Ph.D. course

(Since 2019 Sep.)







Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Ajou University

신소재공학관 326

Publications at Park's group


Journal articles

  4.  D. Lee, M. Kim, J. Lee, B. Ko, H. J. Park*, J. Rho*

       Angular Selection of Transmitted Light and Enhanced Spontaneous Emission in Grating-Coupled Hyperbolic Metamaterials

       Optics Express, 29, 21458 (2021)

  3.  S. Lee,† J. Lee, H. Park, J. Choi, S. Park*, H. J. Park*

       (†denoted co-first authors)

       Defect-Passivating Organic/inorganic Bicomponent Hole-Transport Layer for High Efficiency Metal Halide Perovskite Device

       ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 12, 40310 (2020)

  2.  Z. Li, J. Park, H. Park, J. Lee, Y. Kang, T. K. Ahn,* B.-G. Kim,* H. J. Park*

       Graded Heterojunction of Perovskite/Dopant-free Polymeric Hole-Transport Layer for Efficient and Stable Metal Halide Perovskite Devices

       Nano Energy, 78,105159 (2020)

  1.  J. Park,† S. E. Yoon,† J. Lee,D. R. Whang, S.Y. Lee, S. J. Shin, J. M. Han, H. Seo, H. J. Park,* J. H. Kim,* B.-G. Kim*

       (†denoted co-first authors)

       Unravelling Doping Capability of Conjugated Polymers for Strategic Manipulation of Electric Dipole Layer toward Efficient Charge Collection

          in Perovskite Solar Cells

       Advanced Functional Materials, 2001560 (2020)


  4.   J. Lee, D. Kim, B. H. Jung, S. Park, H. J. Park

          A Photosensitive Organic Semiconductor for Oxide Memristor-Based Biomimetic Optical Synapse

          The Polymer Society of Korea, Daejeon, Korea, Apr. (2022).

  3.  D. Kim, J. Lee, B. Jeong, D. Lee, H. J. Park 

         코발트 옥사이드에 기반한 저항변화 메모리의 스위칭 모드 제어

  2.  S. Lee, J. Lee, H. Park, S. Park, H. J. Park

         Functionalized Hybrid Hole Transport Layer for Defect-Passivated Perovskite Solar Cell

         30th International Photovoltaic Science and Engineering Conference (PVSEC-30) & Global Photovoltaic Conference 2020 (GPVC 2020),

         Jeju, Korea, Nov. (2020)

  1.  S. Lee, J. Lee, S. Park, H. J. Park

         High Efficiency Perovskite Solar Cell with a Defect-Passivating Organic Hole-Transport Material 

         The Polymer Society of Korea, Daejeon, Korea, Oct. (2020)

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