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Journal Articles

(* Corresponding author)



Before 2013



14.  H. J. Park, J. Y. Lee, T. Lee, L. J. Guo*

       Advanced Heterojunction Structures of Polymer Solar Cells Generating High Photocurrent with Internal Quantum Efficiency Approaching 100%

       Advanced Energy Materials, 3, 1135 (2013.09.01)



13.  H. J. Park, T. A. Kim, R. Kim, J. Kim, M. Park*

       A New Method to Estimate Thermal Conductivity of Polymer Composite Using Characteristics of Fillers

       Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 129, 965 (2013.08.05)



12.  H. J. Park, H. Kim, J. Y. Lee, T. Lee, L. J. Guo*

       Optimization of Polymer Solar Cells with Bulk Heterojunction Layers Hundreds of Nanometers Thick: Modifying the Morphology and Cathode      


       Energy & Environmental Science, 6, 2203 (2013.07.01)



11.  J. G. Ok, H. J. Park, M. K. Kwak, C. Pina-Hernandez, S. H. Ahn, L. J. Guo*

       Continuous Patterning of Nanogratings by Nanochannel-Guided Lithography on Liquid Resists

       Advanced Materials, 23, 4444 (2011.10.11)



10.  H. J. Park, T. Xu, J. Y. Lee, A. Ledbetter, L. J. Guo*

       Photonic Color Filters Incorporated with Organic Solar Cells for Energy Harvesting

       ACS Nano, 5, 7055 (2011.09.27)

       : Reported by MIT Technology Review, R&D Magazine, Solar Novus Today, LaserFocusWorld, Plastic Electronics, U-M press, and CBS Detroit;

         featured in ACS Nano podcast (



9.  B.-G. Kim, E. J. Jeong, H. J. Park, D. Bilby, L. J. Guo, J. Kim*

     Effect of Polymer Aggregation on the Open Circuit Voltage in Organic Photovoltaic Cells: Aggregation Induced Conjugated Polymer Gel and its

     Application for Preventing Open Circuit Voltage Drop

     ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 3, 674 (2011.03.23)



8.  H. W. Baac, J. G. Ok, H. J. Park, T. Ling, S.-L. Chen, J. A. Hart, L. J. Guo*

     Carbon Nanotube Composite Optoacoustic Transmitters for Strong and High Frequency Ultrasound Generation

     Applied Physics Letters, 97, 234104 (2010.12.06)



7.  M.-G. Kang†, H. J. Park†, S. H. Ahn, T. Xu, L. J. Guo* (†denoted co-first authors)

     Towards Low-Cost, High Efficiency, and Scalable Organic Solar Cells with Transparent Metal Electrode and Improved Domain Morphology

     IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 16, 1807 (2010.12.03)

     : Featured on front cover



6.  M.-G. Kang, T. Xu, H. J. Park, X. Luo, L. J. Guo*

     Efficiency Enhancement of Organic Solar Cells using Transparent Plasmonic Ag Nanowire Electrodes

     Advanced Materials, 22, 4378 (2010.10.15)



5.  H. J. Park, M.-G. Kang, S. H. Ahn, L. J. Guo*

     Facile Route to Polymer Solar Cells with Optimum Morphology Readily Applicable to Roll-to-Roll Process without Sacrificing High Device 


     Advanced Materials, 22, E247 (2010.09.15)

     : Reported by MIT Technology Review, Materials Views and Nanotechnology Now; Top 5 accessed paper in May, Jun. and Jul. 2010; Top 3

       accessed paper Aug. 2009 –Jul. 2010 for 1 year;



4.  M.-G. Kang, H. J. Park, S. H. Ahn, L. J. Guo*

     Transparent Cu Nanowire Mesh Electrode on Flexible Substrates Fabricated by Transfer Printing and Its Application in Organic Solar Cells

     Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 94, 1179 (2010.06.01)



3.  H. J. Park, M.-G. Kang, L. J. Guo*

     Large Area High Density Sub-20 nm SiO2 Nanostructures Fabricated by Block Copolymer Template for Nanoimprint Lithography

     ACS Nano, 3, 2601 (2009.09.22)



2.  H. J. Park, S. M. Hong, S.-S. Lee, J. Kim, M. Park*

     Effects of CNT/BaTiO3 Composite Particles Prepared by Mechanical Process on Dielectric Properties of Epoxy Hybrid Films

     IEEE Transactions on Advanced Packaging, 31, 417 (2008.05.01)



1.  J. Huh, H. J. Park, K. H. Kim, K. H. Kim, C. Park, W. H. Jo*

     Giant Thermal Tunability of the Lamellar Spacing in Block-Copolymer-Like Supramolecules Formed from Binary-End-Functionalized Polymer Blends

     Advanced Materials, 18, 624 (2006.03.01)

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