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(* Corresponding author)



86.  H. Kim, H. Kwak, I. Jung, J. Kim,* H. J. Park*, K.-T. Lee*

       Light Absorption Enhancement in Ultrathin Perovskite Solar Cells using Light Scattering of High-Index Dielectric Nanospheres

       Optics Express, 29, 35366 (2021.10.25)



85.  P. G. Sang, D. Biswas, S. J. Lee, D. Son, J. G. Ok, H. J. Park, H. W. Baac*

       Experimental Demonstration of a Stacked Hybrid Optoacoustic-Piezoelectric Transducer for Localized Heating and Enhanced Cavitation

       Micromachines, 12, 1268 (2021.10.18)


84.  D. Lee, M. Kim, J. Lee, B. Ko, H. J. Park*, J. Rho*

       Angular Selection of Transmitted Light and Enhanced Spontaneous Emission in Grating-Coupled Hyperbolic Metamaterials

       Optics Express, 29, 21458 (2021.07.05)


83.  J. Choi, E. Kamaraj, H. Park, B. H. Jeong, H. W. Baac, S. Park, H. J. Park*

       Defect-Passivation of Organometal Trihalide Perovskite with Functionalized Organic Small Molecule for Enhanced Device Performance and Stability

       Dyes and Pigments, 189, 109255 (2021.05.01)


82.  H. Park, R. Chaurasiya, B. H. Jeong, P. Sakthivel, H. J. Park*

       Nickel Oxide for Perovskite Photovoltaic Cells

       Advanced Photonics Research, 2, 2000178 (2021.08.01)


81.  M. A.Abbasi, M. Faraz, M. G. Joo, D. Son, J. G. Ok*, H. J. Park*, H. W. Baac*

       Variable-Focus Optoacoustic Lens with Wide Dynamic Range and Long Focal Length by using a Flexible Polymer Nano-Composite Membrane

       Ultrasonics, 117, 106545 (2021.12.01)


80.  J. Heo, D. Biswas, K. K. Park, D. H. Son, H. J. Park*, H. W. Baac*

       Laser-Generated Focused Ultrasound Transducer with a Perforated Photoacoustic Lens for Tissue Characterization

       Biomedical Optics Express, 12, 1375 (2021.03.01)


79.  B. Jo, H. Park, E. Kamaraj, S. Lee, B. Jung, S. Somasundaram, G. G. Jeon, K.-T. Lee, N. Kim, J. H. Kim, B.-G. Kim, T. K. Ahn,* S. Park,* H. J. Park*

       Synergistic Effect of Excited State Property and Aggregation Characteristic of Organic Semiconductor on Efficient Hole-Transportation in Perovskite Device

       Advanced Functional Materials, 31, 2007180 (2021.01.27)

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