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(* Corresponding author)



Journal Articles



54.  W. Yim, S.-J. Park, S. Y. Han, Y. H. Park, S. W. Lee, H. J. Park, Y. H. Ahn, S. Lee, J.-Y. Park*

       Carbon Nanotubes as Etching Masks for the Formation of Polymer Nanostructures

       ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 9, 44053 (2017.12.20)




53.  A. Sanmugama, D. Vikraman*, H. J. Park, H.-S. Kim

       One-Pot Facile Methodology to Synthesize Chitosan-ZnO-Graphene Oxide Hybrid Composites for Better Dye Adsorption and Antibacterial Activity

       Nanomaterials, 7, 363 (2017.11.02)




52.  C. Ji,† K.-T. Lee,† T. Xu, J. Zhou, H. J. Park, L. J. Guo* (†denoted co-first authors)

       Engineering Light at the Nanoscale: Structural Color Filters and Broadband Perfect Absorbers

       Advanced Optical Materials, 5, 1700368 (2017.10.16)




51.  K.-T. Lee,† J.-Y. Jang,† S. J. Park, S. A. Ok, H. J. Park* (†denoted co-first authors)

       Incident-Angle-Controlled Semitransparent Colored Perovskite Solar Cells with Improved Efficiency Exploiting a Multilayer Dielectric Mirror 

       Nanoscale, 9, 13983 (2017.10.07)




50.  K.-T. Lee,† J.-Y. Jang,† J. Zhang, S.-M. Yang, S. Park, H. J. Park* (†denoted co-first authors)

       Highly Efficient Colored Perovskite Solar Cells Integrated with Ultrathin Subwavelength Plasmonic Nanoresonators 

       Scientific Reports, 7, 10640 (2017.09.06)

       : Selected as one of the top 75 read materials science papers for Scientific Reports in 2017 (webpage)

         Editor's choice: perovskite solar cells (2019.03.13) (webpage)



48.  K.-T. Lee,† S. Y. Han,† H. J. Park* (†denoted co-first authors)

       Omnidirectional Flexible Transmissive Structural Colors with High-Color-Purity and High-Efficiency Exploiting Multi-Cavity Resonances

       Advanced Optical Materials, 5, 1700284 (2017.07.17)



49.  H. Kim, J. Yi, B. Jo, H.-W. Shin*, H. J. Park*, S. J. Lee*

       Enhanced Structural Distortions Allowing for Dicyanophenyl-substituted Emitters with Outstanding Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence

       Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society, 38, 1101 (2017.09.01)



46.  S. J. Park,† S. Jeon,† I. K. Lee,† J. Zhang, H. Jeong, J.-Y. Park, J. Bang, T. K. Ahn, H. W. Shin, B.-G. Kim*, H. J. Park* (†denoted co-first authors)

       Inverted Planar Perovskite Solar Cells with Dopant Free Hole Transporting Material: Lewis Base-Assisted Passivation and Reduced Charge

       Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 5, 13220 (2017.07.07)




45.  D. Vikraman, K. Akbar, S. Hussain, G. Yoo, J.-Y. Jang, S.-H. Chun, J. Jung, H. J. Park*

       Direct Synthesis of Thickness-Tunable MoS2 Quantum Dot Thin Layers: Optical, Structural and Electrical Properties and Their Application to
       Hydrogen Evolution

       Nano Energy, 35, 101 (2017.05.01)



47.  S. Jeon, J. H. Lee, J. I. Park, B. Jo, D. R. Whang, T. K. Ahn, H. J. Park, S. D. Kim, W. H. Lee, B.-G. Kim*

       Manipulation of Chain Conformation for Optimum Charge Transfer Pathway in Conjugated Polymers

       ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 9, 22757 (2017.07.12)




43.  K. Adaikalam*, D. Vikraman, H.-S. Kim, H. J. Park

       Facile Fabrication of n-ZnO Nanorods/p-Cu2O Heterojunction and Its Photodiode Property

       Optical Materials, 66, 122 (2017.04.01)




44.  A. Sanmugam, D. Vikraman,* S. Venkatesan, H. J. Park*

       Optical and Structural Properties of Solvent Free Synthesized Starch/chitosan-ZnO Nanocomposites 

       Journal of Nanomaterials, 7536364 (2017.04.20)



39.  G. Yoo, S. L. Choi, S. J. Park, K.-T. Lee, S. H. Lee, M. S. Oh, J. Heo*, H. J. Park* 

       Flexible and Wavelength-Selective MoS2 Phototransistors with Monolithically Integrated Transmission Color Filters

       Scientific Reports, 7, 40945 (2017.01.18)




40.  S. Anandhavelu, D. Vikraman,* V. Sethuraman, H. J. Park 

       Chitin and Chitosan Based Hybrid Nanocomposites for Super Capacitor Applications

       Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 17, 1321 (2017.02.01)




41.  D. C. Nguyen, S.-Y. Joe, N. Y. Ha, H. J. Park, J.-Y. Park, Y. H. Ahn, S. Lee*

       Hole-Extraction Layer Dependence of Defect Formation and Operation of Planar CH3NH3PbI3 Perovskite Solar Cells

       Physica Status Solidi-Rapid Research Letter, 11, 1600395 (2017.02.01)




42.  G.-R. Uhm, U. Kwon, S. Kalanur, H. J. Park*, H. Seo*

       Depth-Resolved Band Alignments of Perovskite Solar Cells with Significant Interfacial Effects

       Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 5, 2563 (2017.02.14)

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