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Journal Articles

(* Corresponding author)






26.  S. M. Cho, G. Song, S. K. Hwang, R. H. Kim, J. Lee, S. Yu, J. Huh, H. J. Park*, C. Park* 

       Controlled Nanopores in Thin Films of Nonstoichiometrically Supramolecularly Assembled Graft Copolymers

       Chemistry-A European Journal, 21, 18375 (2015.12.07)



25.  G. Yoo, H. Yoon, J. Heo, U. J. Thakur, H. J. Park, H. W. Baac*, J. Heo* 

       All-Optical Ultrasound Transducer Using CNT-PDMS and Etalon Thin-Film Structure

       IEEE Photonics Journal, 7, 6803708 (2015.12.01)



24.  J. G. Ok*, Y. J. Shin, H. J. Park*, L. Jay Guo* 

       A Step Towards Next-Generation Nanoimprint Lithography: Extending Productivity and Applicability

       Applied Physics A, 121, 343 (2015.11.01)



23.  U. K. Thakur, B.-G. Kim, S. J. Park, H. W. Baac*, D. Lee*, H. J. Park* 

       Soft-Contact Printing of Nanoparticle-Based Nanoink for Functional Nanopatterns

       Journal of Nanomaterials, 723256, 1 (2015.07.02)



22.  H. Youn, H. J. Park*, L. J. Guo* 

       Organic Photovoltaic Cells: From Performance Improvement to Manufacturing Processes

       Small, 11, 2228 (2015.05.20)



21.  B.-G. Kim, U. Kwon, D. H. Park*, H. J. Park* 

       Nano-Geometry Dependent Electrical Property of Organic Semiconductor

       Electronic Materials Letters11, 435 (2015.05.01)



20.  H. J. Park*, L. Jay Guo* 

       Optical Enhancement Effects of Plasmonic Nanostructures on Organic Photovoltaic Cells

       Chinese Chemical Letters, 26, 419 (2015.04.01)



19.  C. G. Bottenfield, F. Wei, H. J. Park, L. J. Guo, G. Li* 

       Investigation of Printing-Based Graded Bulk Heterojunction Organic Solar Cells

       Energy Technology, 3, 414 (2015.04.01)



18.  H. Youn, H. J. Park*, L. J. Guo* 

       Printed Nanostructures for Organic Photovoltaic Cells and Solution-Processed Polymer Light-Emitting Diodes

       Energy Technology, 3, 340 (2015.04.01)



17.  B.-G. Kim*, H. J. Park* 

       Novel Conjugated Polymer for Organic Photovoltaics: Synthesis and Device Optimization 

       Synthetic Metals, 199, 280 (2015.01.01)

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