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Graduate Students

Taehak Kim (김태학)

Master course: Graguated (2020.08)


Publications at Park's group


Journal articles

  3.  Z. Li,† T. H. Kim,† S. Y. Han, Y.-J. Yun, S. Jeong, B. Jo, S. A. Ok, W. Yim, S. H. Lee, K. Kim, S. Moon, J.-Y. Park, T. K. Ahn, H. Shin, J. Lee,*

       H. J. Park*

       (†denoted co-first authors)

       Wide-Bandgap Perovskite/Gallium Arsenide Tandem Solar Cells

       Advanced Energy Materials, 10, 201903085 (2020)

  2.  M. Kim, D. Lee, T. H. Kim, Y. Yang, H. J. Park, J. Rho*

       Observation of Enhanced Optical Spin Hall Effect in a Vertical Hyperbolic Metamaterial

       ACS Photonics, 6, 2530 (2019)     

  1.  Z. Li, B. H. Jo, S. J. Hwang, T. Kim, S. Sivaraman, E. Kamaraj, J. Bang, T. K. Ahn, S. Park,* H. J. Park*

       Bifacial Passivation of Organic Hole Transport Interlayer for NiOx-Based p-i-n Perovskite Solar Cells

       Advanced Science, 6, 1802163 (2019)


  1.  S. J. Park, S. H. Jeon, T. Kim, B. G. Kim, H. J. Park "Dopant-Free Hole Transport Materials for p-i-n Planar Perovskite Solar Cells
Defect Site at the Interface" Advances in Functional Materials, Nanjing, China, Aug. (2018).


  1.  H. J. Park, J. Lee, T. Kim, Y. Youn “Perovskite/Gallium Arsenide Tandem Solar Cell” 

       Korea: 10-2020-005436 (Application: 2020.05.07).

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